Research Lab

The Berkeley Data Analytics Group lab collaborates with industry and government organizations to conduct research in business operations in four areas:
  • Data Analysis: The lab analyzes business data for insights into customer behavior, product opportunities, and operational performance.
  • Product & Operations Evaluation:  The lab evaluates performance and sensitivity of new commercial applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics.
  • Proof-of-Concept Development:  The lab develops proofs-of-concept to articulate, prove technical feasibility, and quantify the business value of potential commercial applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics.
  • Platform Development:  The lab develops software tools to advance business analytics education and support commercial application development.

​​​​​​​Active collaborations include research on …
  • Value stream management in IT DevOps
  • Anomaly detection for ransomware protection
  • Telematics for electric vehicle fleet management
  • DNA-based medical diagnostics
  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Candidate qualification in insurance industry
  • Anomaly detection in nuclear power operations
  • Long-term risk assessment in nuclear power operations
  • Smart grid-based electricity demand forecasting
  • Open-source business analytics software tools
  • Spatio-temporal data visualization software tools

The lab welcomes new collaborations with your organization.

2021 Research Associates

Annie Dabasinskas
Gaowen Huang
Laura Li
Rongsen Li
Gordon Tsai
Ashna Wadhwa
Jacob Wilson
Jianing Yu
Joanna Zuo

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