Berkeley Data Analytics Group provides expert advice and analysis to industry and government organizations working on some of the world's hardest data-intensive business operations problems.  

Data Analytics & Computational Statistics
Leveraging new market opportunities and new operational efficiency opportunities increasingly relies on a deep understanding of internal data and external market drivers. Berkeley Data Analytics Group provides a wide range of data analysis & visualization services, including predictive data-analytic modeling, Monte Carlo simulation modeling, probabilistic risk assessment, machine learning methods, and non-linear optimization. We help companies identify risk and chart paths to future growth.
Nuclear Power Operations & Maintenance

Today’s nuclear plant operators face growing market challenges due to the rising cost of maintenance, security, and increased inspection protocols.  New reactor developers lack the tools to quickly assess the operations, training, and maintenance profiles for their advanced reactor designs.  Both must determine how to best position themselves for a market future with increasing renewables penetration.  Berkeley Data Analytics Group provides expert engineering assessment, data analysis, and modeling that help operators make decisions that safely extend the life of the existing fleet of light water reactors while also helping new developers make design choices that make them a viable low carbon energy alternative.

Process Optimization & Automation  
Industrial process optimization and automation have been going on for decades, but new technologies are now providing organizations with new opportunities to get the most out of their workforce and cyber-physical systems operations.  Using our expertise in software system development, plant monitoring enhancement, industrial Internet-of-Things (IIOT) technology integration, and six sigma quality analysis, Berkeley Data Analytics Group provides cost/benefit analysis, engineering economics analysis, and system design advisory to help find technical solutions that make the most sense in their markets.